Kapabel is open for beta-testing

Kapabel is open for beta-testing

I have been working on a web-service for teachers called Kapabel for over a year now. The project has been funded by the Norwegian government through Innovation Norway.

2015 I completed a market research project visiting schools all over Norway talking with them about problems they are facing when using iPad in the classroom. I found out there was a need for an analytics platform to help them keep track of student performance and increase student learning.

Last year I developed a beta-version of the Kapabel analytics platform. This platform is now open for beta testing and you can apply for a free 6-month membership here. It is all in Norwegian at the moment but it will be translated into English in the near future.

What is Kapabel?

Kapabel is a web service developed to increase student learning when using iPad in the classroom. Kapabel keeps track of which apps are being used and how the students are solving problems inside the apps. We then give teachers access to data on student performance in detailed reports on individual students and the class as a whole. In our educational apps catalogue teachers can find the best apps to use based on recommendations from other teachers.

You can find more information about Kapabel in English at Kapabel.io. Also, feel free to leave a comment here if you have any questions.