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  • New mathematics app for 1st and 2nd grade with Kapabel integration

    We have now just released a new mathematics app for first and second grade students with Kapabel integrated. Kapabel Mathematics 1-2 is a large collection of games and exercises. The content is put together based on topics and attainment targets from the mathematics curriculum in the US, UK and Norway.  The mathematics curriculum is divided into […]

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  • Kapabel is open for beta-testing

    I have been working on a web-service for teachers called Kapabel for over a year now. The project has been funded by the Norwegian government through Innovation Norway. 2015 I completed a market research project visiting schools all over Norway talking with them about problems they are facing when using iPad in the classroom. I […]

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  • Web-service for teachers

    Kvanes AS is developing a web-service for schools that use iPad in the classroom. The idea behind the web-service is to give teachers detailed overviews of student performance when using apps. We have gotten funding from Innovation Norway for market research and development for this platform. We are currently beta-testing our platform at schools in […]

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